Frequently Asked Questions

Fixxam is an app that makes it easier to find and contact artisans for free.

No, Fixxam is not a quote or booking app, we don’t provide quotes or booking services on behalf of artisans nor do we accept payments on their behalf. Fixxam simply connects you with each other and you have to negotiate and arrange payments.

You can report an artisan by contacting us via email:

We do not screen any artisan, however, you may report any artisan by sending an email to, we will review the complain and take the appropriate action.

If you can’t find an artisan in your area it means there is no artisan currently on Fixxam within your proximity (100 kilometers), we will try to reach as many areas as possible.

Absolutely Not, Fixxam will never sell or share your personal information with any third-party, this includes your email, telephone number, and location.

Fixxam is available worldwide, we harnessed the power of Google Maps API to reach more than 200 countries.

No, using Fixxam is completely free of charge for both artisans and clients.

As an artisan, Fixxam will help you get new clients by making it easier for them to find and contact you. As a Client, you will easily find the nearest artisan that can help with your requirements.

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